What is the number one reason why the Minnesota Vikings have not won the Super Bowl ?

First off happy Memorial Day weekend to everyone. I have been a Minnesota Vikings fan since January 9th , 1977. Yes Super Bowl 11. We have not been to a Super Bowl since then and in fact are 0 and 6 in NFC Championship games. I want to know in your opinion the number one reason why we can’t win a Super Bowl , let alone get to one. Is it coaching, is it the player talent level , is it just bad luck , what is it. Personally I think we had great coaching with Bud Grant and his staff in the 4 Super Bowl years. It’s been mentioned before that maybe during Super Bowl week the Vikings were a little tight and not able to enjoy the week the way their opponents were. Maybe their opponents were more relaxed by the time the game rolled around. It just seems to me that we have always had great coaching and great talent. In 1970 one year after losing Super Bowl 4 to KC we beat them , then in 1972 almost beat the undefeated Miami Dolphins, 1976 beat Pittsburgh after losing to them in Super Bowl 9. So we showed we could play with these very talented teams. But not in the Super Bowl. Maybe the AFC was just more dominant during this time. I think other NFC teams like the Cowboys or Rams would have struggled also. So in conclusion in my opinion the reason we lost all 4 Super Bowls was our inability to generate any type of rushing attack while not being able to stop the opponents rushing attack. In our 4 Super Bowls we rushed for 67 , 72 , 17 and 71 yards for a total of 227 yards or an average of just 56.75 yards per game. By comparison our opponents rushed for 151 , 196 , 249 , and 266 for an average of 215 .50 yards per game almost 3 and a half times as many yards as we had. I also think our offensive and defensive lines got totally overmatched in the Super Bowls. Yes they had a lot of talent but in the Super Bowls were totally outplayed. We never had a balance on offense due to the lack of a running game as well as all the turnovers. That put a lot more pressure on the passing game always being behind and never scoring a single point in the first half of any of our Super Bowl games. I think we had the talent and coaching but for whatever reason we just couldn’t bring the momentum we had got by winning in the NFC Championship game to the Super Bowl. I also think that maybe the teams were a bit tight during Super Bowl week and didn’t really get to enjoy the whole experience maybe too serious without having some fun. I don’t know but I just wanted to know what you think. I’m an older Vikings fan so I am well experienced with disappointing finishes and heartbreak so I am still waiting for our Super Bowl Championship . Go Vikings !!

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