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Marcus Davenport set to make history for the Vikings

In a numerical sense, anyway

New Orleans Saints v Philadelphia Eagles Photo by Tim Nwachukwu/Getty Images

It isn’t very often we get focused on what NFL players are wearing, but in the case of the Minnesota Vikings and outside linebacker Marcus Davenport, we’re going to make an exception.

According to the roster page on the Vikings’ website, Davenport will be the first player in franchise history to wear the number zero. Davenport signed with the Vikings just after the start of free agency, taking a one-year “prove it” deal after a rough 2022 season with the team that drafted him, the New Orleans Saints.

About six weeks ago, the National Football League approved the wearing of the number zero for players. This number is not to be confused with the “double zero” that was worn by Oakland Raiders center Jim Otto for much of his career, as it appears that the wearing of the number is for the single-digit version only.

The Vikings did grab a player in undrafted free agency that wore the goose egg in college in linebacker Ivan Pace Jr., but it would appear as though the veteran is going to take advantage of his seniority to take the number instead. According to the Vikings’ team website, Pace will wear the number 40.

(I’m sure that won’t draw any reaction from the faithful around these parts.)

What do you think of players being allowed to wear the number zero, folks? Is it a good idea?