Roster Construction - Where Do We Go From Here?

Now that the draft is complete, what are the next steps the FO and coaching staff could/should take to round out the roster before heading into camp (and assuming no unexpected injuries, etc.)?

On offense, other than trading Dalvin, it appears that there might not be much action. Cleveland and Ingram appear to be locks as starters at this point, so an addition to the interior backup OL might be the only perceived possible role to be filled/upgraded.

On defense, assuming we keep Smith and Hunter, it appears we are ready to roll with what we have we up front and at OLB. How about ILB - is the answer Hicks and Asamoah as starters or should we add a veteran there? Do we have enough depth with Dye, Reeder, Kwenkeu and, potentially, Pace? Same thing at CB - could/should we add a veteran or do we roll with Murphy and the cadre of essentially unproven players? Activity in the S room doesn’t appear likely with Smith, Bynum, Cine and Metellus (and now Ward).

Joseph and Podlensy will duke it out for the kicker spot. Someone other than Reagor might be returning punts; but, if so, that spot is probably filled with a current rostered player.

This team might have several areas of relative weakness, but the two that possibly stand out the most still at this point - and where it might make sense to add a veteran to fill, or compete for, a starter role - might be ILB and CB.

Do we see more action out of the FO, or is this about it until camp gets underway?

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