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The odds seem to favor Dalvin Cook landing in the AFC

There probably won’t be a “Dalvin Cook revenge game” in the future

New York Jets v Minnesota Vikings Photo by David Berding/Getty Images

It’s been a little more than 24 hours since the Minnesota Vikings officially released running back Dalvin Cook, and the speculation has gotten hot and/or heavy as to where he might be landing next. If our friends at the DraftKings Sportsbook are correct, it would appear that Cook is destined for the other conference.

Here are the odds that DK has put out as far as who Cook’s next team might be:

Of the teams that are among the favorites to acquire Cook’s services, six of the top eight are AFC teams, and three of the top four. . .the Miami Dolphins, the New York Jets, and the Buffalo Bills. . .are in the AFC East. Miami is a pretty solid favorite, as it’s believed they have been throughout this process.

If an AFC East team were to sign Cook, there probably won’t be a “Dalvin Cook revenge game” any time soon, if ever. The Vikings just matched up against the AFC East in 2022 and won’t play the entire division in inter-conference play again until the 2026 season.

Three other teams in the top eight are teams that the Vikings will face off against this season. Those teams are the Kansas City Chiefs, the Denver Broncos and, of course, the Chicago Bears. The thought of Cook winding up with Kansas City is a pretty scary one, to be honest, given how potent their offense already is, and it would be a bit depressing to see him team up with noted jackass Sean Payton in Denver, but either of those scenarios would give Cook a shot at the Vikings this season. Obviously, signing with the Bears would give him two shots at his former team in 2023 (and, potentially, beyond).

Do you think we’ll have to see the Vikings’ offense try to stop Dalvin Cook this season, folks?