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Dalvin Cook is Gone & Danielle Hunter’s Uncertain Vikings Future

Check out the latest episode of Two Old Bloggers! Darren and Dave dive into Dalvin Cook’s release, the Minnesota Vikings’ running back situation, and Danielle Hunter’s uncertain future as a pass rusher. They also discuss the promising safety, Jay Ward. Tune in for expert analysis and insights! #SKOL!

In this episode of Two Old Bloggers, Darren and Dave dive into some of the biggest storylines surrounding the Minnesota Vikings. The guys start by discussing the recent release of star running back Dalvin Cook, who was a key player in the Vikings’ running game. Although Cook’s production last year did not match his salary, he will be difficult to replace. The Vikings’ running back room currently has no one who can replace Cook, and the team will likely have to employ a timeshare at running back to make the running game effective. The hosts also discuss the importance of the offensive line in opening holes for the running backs.

Next, the bloggers shift their focus to the uncertain future of star pass rusher Danielle Hunter. Recent reports suggest that other teams are contacting the Vikings about Hunter with a real interest in acquiring him. If the rumors are true, it appears that contract talks are not going well, and the Vikings may be willing to trade Hunter if they can’t come to an agreement. If Hunter is traded, the Vikings will have to find a new pass rusher to fill his shoes, and the defense will face enormous pressure to manufacture their own pressures.

Finally, Darren and Dave discuss Jay Ward, a promising safety who was drafted by the Vikings in the fourth round. Ward is a versatile player who has played multiple positions, including safety, slot corner, and wide corner. He has displayed great potential in adapting and performing in various roles within the team, but there are concerns about his low tackling and lack of mass. With a crowded safety room in the Vikings organization, Ward’s impact on the team’s defense may not be immediate, but he could become a valuable defensive player for the Vikings in the future.

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