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New Orleans Saints vs Minnesota Vikings, 2020 NFC Wild Card Playoffs

Cameron Jordan Throws Shade At Kirk Cousins

The sheer audacity of this guy...

Set Number: X163121 TK1

It wouldn't be the offseason without a member of the Saints being completely insufferable.

A clip from Von Miller's pass rushing summit has emerged which features New Orleans Saints defensive end Cameron Jordan throwing shade at Kirk Cousins. In the video, we see Cam doing his best J-Cole impersonation, as he preaches the importance of making the quick and correct decision.

"You see a little, you see a lot, you see a lot, you see a little. If you're so focused on, 'what's next? Oh where's his hand?' If it's, 'Where does he like to throw these hands?' You're so worried about all these other factors... You're slowing yourself down thinking.

In this game like, everybody knows... A fast, wrong decision could be a right decision. And a fast right decision... You're a winner. And a slow, right decision... Get your a-- on the bench. Cause there's somebody out here that gon' be moving at a different speed. Slow right decisions... We love 'em, call 'em "Kirk Cousins".

That’s a lot of talk from a guy who has been mediocre at best against Kirk Cousins. In the 5 games Cam Jordan has played against the Cousins-led Vikings, he was only able to muster 2.5 sacks against this so called “slow” quarterback. If Cousins was that slow, surely your sack numbers would be higher, right Cam?

This is also coming from a guy who has a losing record (2-3) against the Cousins-led Vikings, and is 0-2 against Kirk Cousins in the playoffs. Meanwhile, Kirk Cousins has a passer rating of 117.6 with 1,569 yards, 13 touchdowns, and 2 interceptions in 5 games versus the Saints in his career.

If you’re gonna talk trash about someone, it better be towards a guy you’ve had success against. Cameron Jordan hasn’t accomplished anything meaningful against Kirk Cousins or the Minnesota Vikings in his decade long career. Cam should really show some respect to the team his daddy is a part of, and no, I’m not talking about his biological father.

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