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Another insane Justin Jefferson stat

There sure are a lot of these

Syndication: Democrat and Chronicle JAMIE GERMANO / USA TODAY NETWORK

Just when you think you’ve heard all of the crazy stats about what Justin Jefferson has done as a member of the Minnesota Vikings, another one comes along that makes you wonder why anyone would contemplate trading him away. Ever.

Jordan Dajani of CBS Sports (via Janik Eckhardt of Vikings Territory) brings us this stat about #18. Through his first three seasons with the Vikings, Jefferson has amassed 4,825 receiving yards. With 235 more receiving yards, Jefferson will have more career receiving yards than any receiver in the history of one of the Vikings’ division rivals, the Chicago Bears.

The Bears’ current all-time leading receiver is a man by the name of Johnny Morris, who played in 121 games for the Bears from 1958 to 1967. He finished his career with a total of 5,059 receiving yards, just 234 more than Jefferson has in his first three years in Minnesota. Yes, I know that it was a different era when Morris played, but when you consider that the Bears have been in existence in some form or another since 1920 (and been known as the Chicago Bears since 1922), it’s crazy to think that Jefferson would already be their all-time receiving yardage leader.

Another Bears’ receiving stat that I found a bit shocking: The #4 player on their all-time receiving yardage list is Walter Payton.

As far as his standing on the Vikings’ list, Jefferson is already up to #9 in receiving yardage in team history, having surpassed players like Percy Harvin, Kyle Rudolph, and Stefon Diggs already. He’s got a long way to go to get to the top of the Vikings’ list. . .Cris Carter currently sits atop the mountain with 12,383 yards in purple and Randy Moss is second at 9,316. That says as much about how spoiled the Vikings have been at the wide receiver position over the years as it does about Jefferson’s talent.