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RT Udoh picks up bevy of driving citations


NFL: SEP 25 Lions at Vikings
Oli Udoh has been driving like teenager recently
Photo by Bailey Hillesheim/Icon Sportswire via Getty Images

This morning KSTP 5 reported that Viking right tackle Oli Udoh has been driving like a bat outta hell recently, and has the citations to prove it.

Udoh was cited 3 times in the month of May, once for reckless driving and another two times for speeding.

Between May 4th and May 7th Udoh was cited twice in 3 days, the first for going 97 in a 55 on Highway 61 in St. Paul. The second citation was the result of reports of Udoh swerving in and out of the carpool lane, without a passenger, at high speed on I-35E which resulted in a charge of reckless driving.

It seems like Udoh got his act together and was starting to put two and two together as the next time he was cited was 20 days later. This time it was for a seemingly more minor offense of going 9 over the posted 55 mph limit, although the vehicle was noted for going from the on ramp to the far left lane.

According to the report, a now-frustrated Udoh rolled his window up on the officer who was explaining his citation to him. That’s a pretty tough look.

Udoh was drafted by the Vikings in the 6th round of the 2019 draft, and resigned in March on an unusual one year deal that pays him ~$2.5 million while only counting for ~$1.03m against the cap this year.

Udoh is listed as backup RT on the Vikings depth chart behind Brian O’Neill. Udoh has started 17 games and played 132 offensive snaps for Minnesota.

Here’s to hoping Udoh can get his lead foot figured out soon and there are no underlying mental health issues behind his poor driving habits.