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Vikings Controversial, Really?! Florio & Justin Jefferson, Dalvin Cook & KOC, & Danielle Hunter’s Impasse

On this episode of Two Old Bloggers, Dave goes solo with you to discuss the latest controversial Minnesota Vikings news and statements from the week. Join us for updates and analysis on the extension of Justin Jefferson’s contract, Dalvin Cook’s frustration with Kevin O’Connell’s scheme, and the rumors surrounding Danielle Hunter’s potential release or trade. Don’t miss out! #SKOL!

On today’s episode of Two Old Bloggers, Dave goes solo with you because Darren got called away again for work. After beating down the fires in the Northwest Territory, they have a bunch of new ones that he has to deal with. He is doing good work and he’s happy that the show continues on with Dave’s topic ideas. What are they? Controversial Minnesota Vikings news and statements from the week.


JJ extension isn’t going fast enough

The controversy surrounding the extension of Justin Jefferson’s contract with the Minnesota Vikings is discussed in a blog post by Dave, who cites an article by Mike Florio. Florio argues that the Vikings are taking too long to sign Jefferson, who is a star wide receiver and one of the best in the league. Waiting could make the extension more expensive and upset Jefferson, potentially leading him to play elsewhere. Dave agrees and urges the Vikings to treat Jefferson as the rare talent he is. However, he also notes that the delay could be due to the details in the contract and expects an announcement during training camp.

Dalvin Cook is saying KOC isn’t doing offense right

Minnesota Vikings running back Dalvin Cook was released due to finances and the new regime’s desire for more consistency in the running game. Cook expressed frustration with the new scheme, which focused more on passing and less on running the ball. Despite Alexander Mattison’s effectiveness, he cannot replace Cook’s playmaking abilities, and the Vikings aim to create better situations on later downs by having more consistency in the running game. Second-year running back Ty Chandler is considered a breakout candidate for the Vikings in 2023.

Danielle Hunter should be released

Dave discusses the controversy surrounding Danielle Hunter and the rumors of the Minnesota Vikings releasing or trading him for almost nothing. He argues that releasing or trading Hunter would be a mistake, as he is a valuable asset to the team. There are other ways to address the situation, such as negotiating a new deal or exploring the option of trading him for significant value. Additionally, the Vikings are rebuilding their defense under Brian Flores, and losing Hunter would have a major impact on the team’s performance. Finally, Dave explains the NFL Collective Bargaining Agreement and how it could make a continued holdout very expensive for Hunter, suggesting that his best course of action would be to negotiate and agree to an extension that keeps him with the Vikings for the next three years.

If you’re a Vikings fan or just interested in following the team’s progress, be sure to tune in to the Two Old Bloggers for more updates and analysis throughout the season!

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