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The ESPYs are coming, and Justin Jefferson is up for best NFL player

Will he win? Probably not, but we can vote for him anyway

NFL: NFC Wild Card Round-New York Giants at Minnesota Vikings Matt Krohn-USA TODAY Sports

We’ve reached that portion of the year where the annual ESPY awards are right around the corner, and the best wide receiver in football is up for one of the most important awards at this year’s show.

Minnesota Vikings’ star Justin Jefferson is among four nominees in the category of Best NFL Player. His competition in that category consists of the two quarterbacks that faced off in this year’s Super Bowl, Patrick Mahomes of the Kansas City Chiefs and Jalen Hurts of the Philadelphia Eagles, as well as defensive end Nick Bosa of the San Francisco 49ers.

Apparently the fan votes play a role in determining who wins each category. You can vote for Jefferson on ESPN’s website right here. Is Jefferson going to win? Probably not. . .I’d be shocked if Mahomes didn’t run away with this one. But we can at least give #18 a push and all that.

If you continue through the voting, you’ll see that Jefferson’s catch against the Buffalo Bills this past season is also nominated for Play of the Year. Frankly, he’s probably got a significantly better chance of winning that one than he does of winning NFL Player of the Year, so make sure you get far enough along to cast your vote for Jefferson there, too.

The ESPY Awards will be held on 12 July on. . .of all places. . .ESPN.