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Vikings Fans Fuming Over Taylor Swift Concert

Yes, we’re talking about Taylor Swift

Taylor Swift | The Eras Tour - Detroit, MI Photo by Scott Legato/TAS23/Getty Images for TAS Rights Management

Taylor Swift, iconic American pop star, had a concert at US Bank Stadium in Minneapolis just a few days ago. Some Minnesota Vikings fans that also double as Swift fans that went to the concert on June 23rd say it was louder than some of the biggest and best Vikings moments in the new stadium. Are they right?

Typically, US Bank Stadium doesn’t host the best concerts because of the sheer size of the venue. Being in a dome style venue makes it so noise is reverberating off the walls, which can make some artists and their music sound undesirable. But for football games, those same reverberating walls make the fans screams 10x louder as there is no need for good sound quality when everyone is screaming. First off, let’s look at the biggest and loudest moments that have happened in said stadium.

Well we have to start with the Minneapolis Miracle. While the Vikings don’t blast live music from their surrounding speakers during actual play, it will be hard to compare actual decibels made throughout events. But on January 14th of 2018, the loudest non-musical event at US Bank Stadium happened. The Minneapolis Miracle presented by Stefon Diggs happened. Truly one of the best plays in sports history, the crowd went wild for about 15 minutes straight.

Another scenario of the Vikings stadium being incredibly loud was the 33-0 comeback against the Indianapolis Colts. For whatever reason, maybe because we as Vikings fans are so stubborn, not too many fans left the game when the team was down big. But for those who stayed, it paid off. Once the Vikings got within a couple scores, every touchdown leading up to the comeback from there was louder than the next as the Vikings pulled of the improbable.

Another example of US Bank Stadium getting louder for the team rather than Taylor Swift, would be any game where the cheese heads come to visit. Whether it’s the loud cheers as the Vikings run out on the field, or the loud boos that rain over whenever Green Bay brings their team out, US Bank gets loud. Even thinking about a few critical 3rd downs on defense, when the team desperately needs a stop, the crowd comes to life especially against a hated division foe.

US Bank Stadium has been one of the loudest venues in the NFL since it opened. But hearing the Swifties say it was the loudest ever during her concert a few days ago was probably not statistically true. While I’m sure her fans get loud, the music she has to pump in everywhere for fans to hear was probably a MASSIVE part of the “crowd” noise. Not to take a great night away from Taylor Swift fans, but the Vikings fans rock that place more than Elvis himself could.