Rostertology 2023.

Minnesota Vikings cornerback Kris Boyd reacts after making a turnover during a game against the New Orleans Saints at the Tottenham Hotspur stadium in London on Sunday, October 2, 2022.

Greetings to all the Vikings fans out there !! Last year I really enjoyed doing a roster projection with a March Madness approach. For this year I decided to add the "Trouble Bubble" category just to jazz things up.

Will be interesting to see how the final few players fall into place. Camp battles will be fun to watch as always. The 2023 rookie class is ready to go & the outstanding 2023 UDFA class adds even more intrigue this August.

Year two with Kwesi & Co. running the draft. The two biggest questions I have leading into camp are scheme related. How will they work the roster on the defensive side with the new Flores system ?? Will we see more 12 personal ?? That could affect WR/TE group for sure.

Ok here goes.


38 Locks:

These players are pretty much locks to make the 53-man roster.


2-QB- Kirk & Mullens

4-RB- Mattison, Chandler, McBride, Ham.

4-WR- JJ, Addison, Osborn, Nailor.

2-TE- Hock & Oliver.

7-OL- O'Neill, Darrisaw, Ezra, Ingram, Bradbury, Reed, Udoh.



3-DE/OLB- Hunter, Davenport, Jones II.

2-ILB- Hicks, Asamoah.

4-DL- Phillips, Lowry, Tonga, Roy.

4-CB- Murphy, Booth, Evans, Blackmon.

3-SF- Hitman, Cine, Bynum.

3-ST- Joseph, Wright, DePaola.


Ten On The Solid Bubble:

I think this group has a good chance making the roster. Projected trades will shake things up here.

1-WR- Powell.
2-TE- Mundt, Muse.
1-OL- Brandel.
1-ILB- Kwenkeu. Waived Injury 8-13-23
1-DE/OLB- Carter II.
1-DL- Otomewo.
1-CB- Joejuan Williams.
1-SF- Metellus.
1-SF/CB Ward.

Five On The Trouble Bubble:

Training camp should be competitive & maybe we'll see a few surprises. Last five in below.

1-QB- Hall.
1-OL- Ali.
1-DL- Avery.
1-DE/OLB- Vilain.
1-ILB- Pace Jr.


Roster Thoughts & Summary:

4- UDFA's make it onto the 53-man roster. Avery makes the team as NT2. Carter II sneaks in with a red shirt year. Ali bumps off OG/C Schlottmann. Pace Jr. bumps off Dye. I can see Roy bumping Bullard off the roster. Roy's best tape was at 5T/3T, so I hope they try him there. Powell bumps off Reagor. Closest battles in TC could be the WR & LB positions.

Big decision to roster 3- QB's. The NFL updated the emergency QB rule after the Niners lost their QB's in the 2022 NFC Championship game. Mullens will need to play well in practice to hold off Hall. Throw in UDFA WR/QB Cephus Johnson III adding some competition at the QB position. We'll see how many teams roster 3-QB's this year.

I think the Vikings roster 5-WR's again this year & Powell sneaks on with a strong TC. A Reagor trade would be stellar. I'm hoping O'Neill is healthy & ready to go. Very possible the Vikings roster more TE's. I could also see them trying to protect them on the PS. Mundt vs Muse vs Sims could be a really close call once the dust settles.

*TC trades*

RB Cook. Cook released 6-9-23 blah...

WR/PR Reagor.

DE/OLB Wonnum.


PS 16 Roster:

1-QB- Ta' amu, Cephus Johnson III or TC cut ?

2-RB- Nwangwu, Ojile.

2-WR- Knowles, Trishton Jackson.

1-TE- Sims.

3-OL- Lowe, Chen, Schlottmann.

1-DL- J. Lynch. J. Lynch ACL injury 8-3-23

3-LB- Aho, Beauplan, Dye.

1-SF- Theo Jackson.

2-CB- Gowan, Barnes


How do we make predictions of future exam outcomes?

Love feedback so leave a comment below. Cheers !!

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