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Who are the three best players on the Minnesota Vikings’ roster?

Let’s talk about it, shall we?

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NFL: Green Bay Packers at Minnesota Vikings Jeffrey Becker-USA TODAY Sports

List-a-mania season continues around NFL media circles, and one article recently posted gives us another opportunity to debate something about our favorite football team.

Trevor Sikkema of Pro Football Focus ran down the three best players on every team in the National Football League, including the Minnesota Vikings. A couple of those players are likely obvious to everyone. . .they’re two of the guys in the picture that came with this article. . .but there might be another spot that’s up for debate.

For the Vikings, Sikkema declared that the three best players are wide receiver Justin Jefferson, offensive tackle Christian Darrisaw, and defensive end/outside linebacker Danielle Hunter.

Jefferson and Darrisaw are no-brainers on this one, in my opinion. Jefferson is the best wide receiver in the National Football League, and has been among the top receivers in the league since the third game of his rookie year when the Vikings finally decided that he should be ahead of Bisi Johnson on the depth chart.

(I mean, no offense to Bisi Johnson. . .but come on.)

Darrisaw, after struggling with some injury issues in the first half of his rookie campaign, has quickly established himself as, arguably, the best young offensive tackle in football. If he’s not at the top of that list, the number of guys ahead of him is really, really small.

Then there’s Hunter. A couple of years ago, Hunter might have been as much of a no-brainer as Jefferson and Darrisaw, but then he had two years where he struggled to get on the field with a couple of significant injuries. He was a bright spot in a Vikings defense that struggled its way through the 2022 season, but appears to be “back” based on everything we saw from him last year.

There are a couple of other guys you could, potentially, make an argument for in Hunter’s spot. Naturally, there’s Kirk Cousins, but. . .well. . .(insert endless Kirk Cousins debate here). T.J. Hockenson made an awfully sold case for himself following the Vikings acquiring him from Detroit at the trade deadline, and Brian O’Neill probably merits consideration as well.

So, since I’m guessing we can all agree on Jefferson and Darrisaw being on this list, who is the other name on the list of the three best players on the Minnesota Vikings roster, in your opinion?