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Letting Dalvin Go Would Be a Mistake

Should the purple keep their top RB in town?

Indianapolis Colts v Minnesota Vikings Photo by Stephen Maturen/Getty Images

For quite some time now, we’ve heard the swirling of the rumor mill around the Minnesota Vikings trading or cutting running back Dalvin Cook the June 1st deadline. Obviously, the June 1st deadline has come and gone and Dalvin is still on the Vikings roster. There have been at least a couple of teams interested in Dalvin and apparently one of them made an offer that the Vikings rejected. The two teams interested in Dalvin are his hometown Miami Dolphins, and where his younger brother currently plays, the Buffalo Bills. Miami was the team that apparently had offered a trade to the Vikings for Cook which was obviously denied.

I'm here to tell you that we need to keep Dalvin. Cry about his cap hit all you want, Dalvin is still a top 6 or 7 back in the league, and without him, our rushing attack will be almost nonexistent. Let’s say the Vikings do trade Cook. Do you believe Alexander Mattison, with 404 rushing attempts in his first four years, a little over 1,600 yards, and 11 TDs is supposed to replace one of the best backs in Vikings history? That’s Dalvin’s single-season stats let alone his whole career.

If not Dalvin or Mattison, then who? You’re going to hand the rock to Kene Nwangwu? A known special teamer, hasn’t proved to be starting caliber back? Or how about second-year Ty Chandler? Again, no past or present indications say that they are ready to be given the ball 20+ times a game. Or how about rookie running back DeWayne McBride? All signs are pointing to him being a decent player but again, a seventh-round back from a small school looking to carry the load for a team who is known to run the ball first and foremost. Not buying it.

If Dalvin’s cap hit bothers you that much from keeping one of the most important players on our 53-man roster, why? The Vikings have about 10 million dollars in cap space remaining with little or no moves left to be made before the start of the season. We can still sign Jefferson and more if needed in the future, all while keeping Dalvin on the team.

Even the running back “by committee” option isn’t going to be a better option either. Again, the RB by committee is so predictable and honestly doesn’t bring the value that one elite running back can. Not one running back, outside of Kene on special teams has that home run ability. Meaning, every time Dalvin touches the ball, no matter where he’s at on the football field, he has the ability to take it the distance. If no deal is made for Dalvin in the coming weeks, rumor has it that Dalvin really does love Minnesota and would consider a pay cut. This would be the best case for them because we still retain one of our top 5 players on the team. Our rushing attack would be back up and running, pun intended, and the Vikings can count on Dalvin for at least 1,200 scrimmage yards.

PFF guys saying that Dalvin is past his prime and not worth the money. Same guys that have never put on a helmet and shoulder pads a day in their life. Don’t listen to the fake stuff, Dalvin is still the real deal. The Vikings would be stupid to let him walk.