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Retired TE Ben Ellefson To Move Into "Hybrid" Role With Vikings Organization

The role includes a mix of coaching, scouting, and player engagement.

Minnesota Vikings v Miami Dolphins Photo by Joel Auerbach/Getty Images

Although former Minnesota Vikings tight end Ben Ellefson recently announced his retirement, he isn't totally stepping away from the game of football.

ESPN's Kevin Siefert is reporting that Ellefson will move into what Kevin O'Connell referred to as a "hybrid" role with the organization. Ellefson's responsibilities could include some coaching, scouting, and/or player engagement. Ben will be doing a little bit of everything, presumably to help him determine what role suits him best.

The deal will be finalized by the start of training camp. It's rather fitting that Ben Ellefson went from a utility man on the field to a utility man off the field. Ben is truly a jack of all trades, and we're happy that he gets to continue being involved with the Vikings organization in some capacity.