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Vikings 2023 - Mattison’s Breakout, Cleveland’s Fate, & Defense Redemption

In this episode, the Two Old Bloggers dive into the current state of the Minnesota Vikings, discussing the running back situation and the potential for Alexander Mattison as the team’s #1 running back. They also explore Ezra Cleveland’s future with the team as he enters the final year of his rookie contract and the team’s need for improvement on defense if they hope to make a deep playoff run. Join the conversation and hear the hosts’ insightful analysis and predictions for the upcoming season. SKOL!

In this episode of Two Old Bloggers, Darren and Dave discussed the upcoming season for the Minnesota Vikings, with a focus on three main themes: Alexander Mattison’s potential as the team’s #1 running back, Ezra Cleveland’s future with the team, and the defense’s need for improvement.

Regarding Mattison, there is debate about whether he is ready to take on the role of the team’s primary running back. While he has shown promise in the past, he lacks the explosiveness and game-changing ability of former Viking Dalvin Cook. The team will need to rely on its offensive line to create openings for Mattison to gain yardage. Additionally, the team has several other talented running backs, including Ty Chandler, DeWayne McBride, and Kene Kwangwu, who could also see playing time.

The hosts also discussed Ezra Cleveland’s future with the team, as he enters the final year of his rookie contract. While he has improved in recent years, he is not yet an elite left guard and will likely not demand a top-tier contract. However, if he continues to improve and play at a solid level, the Vikings may choose to re-sign him. The team will need to weigh their options and consider the rebuilding they will need to do on the defensive side of the ball.

Finally, the hosts discussed the team’s defense and their need for improvement if they hope to repeat as divisional champions and avoid another early playoff exit. The team’s defense struggled in 2022, ranking near the bottom of the league in points and yardage allowed. The team brought in new defensive coordinator Brian Flores, who is known for his aggressive, blitz-heavy style of play. However, the team will need to address several key issues, including finding a solid slot corner, developing young linebacker Brian Asamoah, and finding a second pass rusher to complement Danielle Hunter.

Overall, the Two Old Bloggers agreed that the Vikings have the potential to be a competitive team in the upcoming season, but they will need to address several key areas of concern to make a deep playoff run.

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