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Minnesota Vikings News and Links: Monday, July 10th, 2023

Birthday Open Thread

Minnesota Vikings vs Green Bay Packers

Good Morning!

Taps this thing on? It’s been a while and I wasn’t sure if I’d be able to login and post...much less on the front page.

Time flies, the last time I was around here Mike Zimmer was the Head Coach and the Vikings were sporting a losing record; fast forward to now and the Vikings have an offensive minded guy at the helm and pulled off an improbable thirteen wins last year.

The trade down for Cine in the draft was a huge miss as far as I’m concerned, I know one of the analytics guys will probably @me about trade value but he didn’t get much playing time minus the injury. Addison was a good pick in my book, but time will tell on both.

Last season was exciting to watch offensively but the warts on the defensive scheme were on full display, Flores should be better (I hope) but one offseason probably won’t be enough to move into a top ten defense.

I see we have some new writers, none of you have interacted with me but Welcome Aboard to all of you.

My wife and I might make a road trip to Atlanta to see the Vikings, back in 2019 we decided to try and go to one game a year but other stuff happened. I’m not going to bore you with the details of my life in the last year and a half (I probably will in the comments) but stuff is better and moving in a positive direction.

Happy Birthday to the Daily Norseman.


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