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Netflix releases new, extended trailer for “Quarterback”

It makes its debut in two days

NFL: Arizona Cardinals at Minnesota Vikings Brad Rempel-USA TODAY Sports

We are just two days away from the premiere of the new Netflix series Quarterback, featuring Minnesota Vikings quarterback Kirk Cousins (as well as Patrick Mahomes and Marcus Mariota). Today, Netflix released a new, extended trailer to hype up the series.

The new trailer contains some of the same footage that was contained in the initial trailer that came out about a month ago, but now features some narration from Peyton Manning and some more clips of the three quarterbacks that are featured in the series.

I do have a question about something that we see Cousins do in the trailer towards the end. It looks like he’s zipping himself into some sort of pod and I honestly have no idea what the heck that’s all about. I mean, I’m pretty sure that Sleep Number. . .which Cousins endorses. . .doesn’t make anything like that. Does Kirk just zip himself into a cocoon every night when he goes to bed and wakes up refreshed the next morning?

I’m sure that there’s a more logical explanation, but I’d rather just wildly speculate. It’s not like I’m implying that Cousins is some sort of lizard person or something like that.

(But he could be. Wait, no he couldn’t.)

In any case, the first episode of Quarterback will drop, as the kids say, on Netflix on Wednesday. I’m still not sure if they’re doing the whole series in one go or if it will be a weekly thing, but we’ll know in a couple of days. After further review, Netflix will be releasing all eight episodes at one time.

Are you hyped up for Quarterback, folks?