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The Vikings are getting the Secret Base treatment

Hold me, I’m scared

NFL: Indianapolis Colts at Minnesota Vikings Jeffrey Becker-USA TODAY Sports

If you have any knowledge of SB Nation’s Secret Base channel/website, you know that they can put together deep dives on subjects like few others. Well, our favorite team is now, officially, in the crosshairs.

Jon Bois, the mad genius behind the Secret Base site, has just announced that there is a seven-part. . .yes, seven-part. . .history of the Minnesota Vikings coming from the folks at Secret Base. The first episode of the series will drop on 1 August, and new episodes will come out every Tuesday until the last two episodes hit on 5 and 6 September.

Presumably so we can get all of the pain and trauma taken care of before the new season starts. Hooray!

As lifelong Vikings fans, we know a lot of what’s going to be coming during this series. A lot of it is probably going to hurt like hell. . .again. Will I watch every single minute of this anyway?

You bet your ass I will.

So, we’ll let you know when new episodes of The History of the Minnesota Vikings will be available so that nobody misses them.

Are you looking forward to this, folks?