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Previewing the 2023 Vikings with Bears Talk Underground

We talk with one of our favorite shows

‘Tis the season for previewing the Minnesota Vikings, and to do so in this instance we got the opportunity to sit down with one of our favorite opposing fans to talk about the upcoming season.

Yours truly sat down to talk with our friend Larry Dyer from Bears Talk Underground to talk about the Vikings and the upcoming 2023 NFL season. You can hear the entire show at the link below.

As you’d expect from a team preview show, we touched on just about everything that’s happened with the team since the 2022 season ended. We start things out with a look back at last season, and then move on to the moves that the Vikings made in free agency and the draft and how those might end up affecting this coming season.

It’s always nice to talk to Larry about the team, as we do so ahead of both games that our teams play during the season. That and the fact that Larry had a bit of a health scare last year (that he touches on during the podcast) made it that much better to get the chance to sit down with him again and talk about our two teams.

I hope you enjoy this episode of Bears Talk Underground, and we’ll be hearing from Larry again a couple of times during the season.