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Predicting The Outcome Series: Divisional Round

There’s only one rule: “Don’t get eliminated!” - Schlasser, aka UrinatingTree

NFL: Philadelphia Eagles at Dallas Cowboys Jerome Miron-USA TODAY Sports

We’ve made it to the divisional round, and things are starting to get real in this completely made up scenario! Here’s where things stand currently.

Wild Card Round

(Bold text indicates winner)


#2 Chiefs vs #7 Dolphins


#3 Bills vs #6 Jets

#4 Jaguars vs #5 Bengals


#2 Eagles vs #7 Seahawks

#3 Vikings vs #6 Lions

#4 Saints vs #5 Cowboys

In the AFC, the Chiefs, Jets, and Bengals join the #1 seed Ravens in the divisional round. In the NFC, Philadelphia, Dallas, and Detroit join the #1 seed Niners. If you want the full explanation, here’s a link to the previous round. Now let’s continue with...

The Divisional Round

(Bold text indicates winner)


#1 Ravens vs #6 Jets

#2 Chiefs vs #5 Bengals

Maybe I’m a little too high on the Baltimore Ravens, but I think Lamar Jackson is gonna have an MVP-level season now that he has some actual weapons on offense other than Mark Andrews. Lamar is overdue for an iconic playoff performance, and he’s the kind of athlete who can really put pressure on the Jets defense.

The Chiefs versus Bengals game is a bit more straightforward. The Bengals are the one team that Mahomes and the Chiefs have had trouble against, and I think that trend will continue this year in a closely fought affair.


#1 Niners vs #6 Lions

#2 Eagles vs #5 Cowboys

The NFC is lacking upsets in the divisional round, with the top two seeds advancing to the conference finals. The Niners are a well-oiled machine, coached by an elite offensive mind in Kyle Shanahan. Brock Purdy should be the starter barring injuries, and all he needs to do with those weapons on offense is manage the game properly. The Lions would be coming off an emotional win at Minnesota, and I don’t think they have the playoff experience to beat San Fran this year.

The NFC East showdown between the Philadelphia Eagles and the Dallas Cowboys will be a very intense outing. Ultimately, I think Jalen Hurts will be too much to handle for the Cowboys, and I don’t think Dak Prescott will play well against the Eagles defense. I’ll take the Eagles here.

Next up: Conference Finals