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Predicting The Outcome Series: Conference Championships

There’s only one rule: “Don’t get eliminated!” - Schlasser, aka UrinatingTree

NFL: Baltimore Ravens at Jacksonville Jaguars Nathan Ray Seebeck-USA TODAY Sports

There’s only four teams remaining, and only two of them can make it to the Super Bowl. You already know the drill, it’s time for the AFC and NFC Championship game predictions! Here’s where we last left off.

The Divisional Round

(Bold text indicates winner)


#1 Ravens vs #6 Jets

#2 Chiefs vs #5 Bengals


#1 Niners vs #6 Lions

#2 Eagles vs #5 Cowboys

In the AFC, we have two division rivals remaining, the #1 seed Ravens and the #5 seed Bengals. While in the NFC, it’s a rematch of last year’s NFC Championship Game with the #1 seed Niners squaring off against the #2 seed Eagles. If you want the full explanation, here’s a link to the previous round. Now let’s continue with...

The Conference Championships

(Bold text indicates winner)


#1 Ravens vs #5 Bengals

Remember how I said Lamar Jackson is overdue for a vintage playoff performance. Well, unfortunately I think he will have used up all of his playoff magic in the last game against the Jets. Joe Burrow’s style of play is better suited for late season games where nobody is at 100% health. Whereas, Lamar Jackson will be a bit banged up, especially after facing a tough and physical Jets defense. Hence, why I give the edge to the Bengals.


#1 Niners vs #2 Eagles

Last season, the Eagles had a ton of luck on their side before they started complaining about the field conditions at the Super Bowl. In the divisional round, Philly faced a Giants team that barely beat Ed Donatell’s miserable excuse of a defense, then they faced a Niners team that was without a viable starting quarterback for most of the game.

I thought Howie Roseman did a good job of replacing some of the talent that left via free agency this offseason, but I expect Philly to experience some slight regression and this is where it’ll be the most noticeable. Against a fully healthy Niners team that got better in the offseason, especially with the signing of DT Javon Hargrave on a four year, $84 million deal. I expect the Niners to come out with a vengeance and beat the Birds handily.

Next up Super Bowl!