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Minnesota Vikings News and Links, 18 July 2023

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NFL: Minnesota Vikings at Detroit Lions David Reginek-USA TODAY Sports

5 more days before we can start debating which rookie will do the best based on how they walk into the team facilities no?

The team announced Wednesday in conjunction with the NFL that Vikings rookies will report on Sunday, July 23, and vets will check in on Tuesday, July 25.


I will continue to pound the drums for the team to get extensions done for Jefferson, Hunter, and Hockenson before training camp begins. They have the cap space. Here is what I would offer with the hopes that it is sufficient and fair.

First, the current cap space ...
Season : Cap Space
2023 : $17,809,972 | 2024 : $53,446,344
Hockenson gets a 4 yr 58M deal
Hunter gets a 3 yr 66M deal
Jefferson gets a 5 yr 168M deal
2023 : $8,044,972 | 2024 : $23,554,177

Since yore last open thread ...

Justin Jefferson once again finds himself in elite company


Are the Vikings (finally) bringing back throwback uniforms this season?

Other Vikings stuff ...

Vikings fan survey: Approval ratings on the new regime, the future at QB and more

2. How confident are you that the Vikings are moving in the right direction?
5 (Very confident) : 12.7%
4 : 49.8%
1. What are your realistic expectations for the 2023 Vikings?
Make playoffs, advance beyond first round : 19.2%
Make playoffs, lose early : 45.1%
2. Do you want the Vikings to extend Kirk Cousins?
Yes : 38.6%
No : 61.4%

Crashing running back market skews Dalvin Cook’s situation


Red Flag Raised Over Vikings QB Kirk Cousins After Netflix Documentary

“You want to sign a guy who you just watched on TV get obliterated? It was brutal,” Nelson said on the “Purple Insider” podcast, referring to Cousins’ rib injury throughout the 2022 season. “He’s 35 years old. it’s not going to be sore, it’s going to be injured eventually. You can only be durable for so long. I would not risk signing him to anything beyond this year.”
But Minnesota’s commitment to Cousins remains year-to-year, considering he’s entering the 2023 season at 35 years old. He’s been hit more than any other quarterback in the league since 2020, and questioning his durability in the twilight of his career is a valid argument for moving next year.
However, the growing respect around Cousins could also lead the Vikings to sign him, considering the growing respect for him around the league.

Yore Mock

Trade Partner: Arizona Cardinals
Sent: Round 1 Pick 23
Received: Round 2 Pick 2, Round 3 Pick 3
Trade Partner: Washington Commanders
Sent: Round 3 Pick 3
Received: Round 3 Pick 12, Round 4 Pick 12
Trade Partner: Philadelphia Eagles
Sent: Round 4 Pick 25
Received: Round 5 Pick 23, Round 5 Pick 37

34: R2 P2 C Sedrick Van Pran - Georgia 6’4” 311

55: R2 P23 LB Tommy Eichenberg - Ohio State 6’2” 239

76: R3 P12 G Javion Cohen - Miami 6’4” 305

112: R4 P12 EDGE Eyabi Okie - Michigan 6’5” 244

123: R4 P23 S Demani Richardson - Texas A&M 6’1” 215

142: R5 P6 QB Joe Milton III - Tennessee 6’5” 242

159: R5 P23 CB Fentrell Cypress II - Florida State 5’11 182

168: R5 P32 LB Omar Speights - LSU 6’1” 233

173: R5 P37 DL Alfred Collins - Texas 6’5” 313

198: R6 P23 WR Sam Pinckney - Coastal Carolina 6’4” 215

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