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A Really Smart Football Person™ thinks Justin Jefferson is the NFL’s 7th-best WR

Expertise is dead

2023 NFL Pro Bowl Games Photo by Michael Owens/Getty Images

We’ve been talking about some of the expert rankings over at ESPN as they’ve gone through the different positions over the past week or so, and today they concluded the rankings with the wide receivers.

Now, you already know that Minnesota Vikings star Justin Jefferson is #1 on the rankings of NFL wide receivers. Because duh. Because that’s common sense. Because he’s the reigning Offensive Player of the Year and is re-writing the record books at the position through his first three seasons.

And yet, as this picture from the article illustrates, common sense is apparently not common anymore.

(The picture comes from this tweet from Mina Kimes of ESPN.)

Yes, apparently one of the experts that ESPN polled for this article, who is very likely one of the Really Smart Football People™ that folks rely on as having vast swaths of football knowledge, really thinks there are six wide receivers in the NFL better than Justin Jefferson.

Now, look. . .I’m not a football expert. I’m just blogger trash (allegedly). I’ve been blogger trash for 17 years now. Even blogger trash like me understands that there aren’t six NFL wide receivers that are better than Justin Jefferson. I mean, can you imagine taking a look at someone like Jefferson, who has set record after record after record during his first three NFL seasons, and saying to yourself, “Yeah, there are half a dozen dudes at his own position that are better than he is?”

The Really Smart Football People™ like to rip on “fan sites” and “bloggers” and so forth, but seeing someone actually launch a take this stupid makes me feel a whole lot better about my place in the NFL landscape.