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Madden 24 Player Ratings For The Vikings - Offense

How do the team’s digital warriors stack up?

EA Sports Hosts The 20th Anniversary Of Madden NFL Franchise Celebration Photo by Chris Weeks/WireImage

The virtual gridiron is about to come alive once again with the latest installment of EA Sports’ Madden NFL, the iconic video game franchise loved by football fans worldwide. As the excitement builds for the release of Madden 24, one of the most anticipated aspects for Minnesota Vikings fans is the player ratings. In this article, we’ll explore the Madden ratings for key offensive players in Madden and discuss how these numbers reflect their real-life performances on the field.

Kirk Cousins, 84 overall: Kirk Cousins is a top-10 QB in the NFL. Well, he is in Madden, at least. Cousins gets an 84 overall ranking him the ninth-highest overall QB in the virtual football game. Cousins finally gets some recognition after a stellar 2022 campaign. Considering that Madden has Dak Prescott at 87 overall, I would have switched the two. Kirk should be somewhere in the 85-87 overall range, while Dak should be somewhere in the 84-85 range.

Alexander Mattison, 76 overall: It’s obvious, Mattison is no Dalvin Cook. His lack of speed and elusiveness hurt his Madden rankings, but he still provides some expertise in the running game department. I still think this ranking is a bit low, I would have had him around the high 70s-low 80s.

DeWayne McBride, 67 overall: This is a classic Madden rookie rating. They seem to be a bit more cautious with the low round rookies and here’s a perfect example. McBride’s play style usually translates well into Madden rankings, but I guess it doesn’t this year. Again, as a rookie with an opportunity, we should see his rating start to casually increase throughout the year. I think 67 is a bit low, but fair considering he was a 7th rounder from a small conference.

Justin Jefferson, 99 overall: Madden ratings guy was on his A game with this one. The best in the game gets the best honor in virtual football- the 99 club!

KJ Osborn, 77 overall: For being able to put up the numbers he had last year behind Jefferson and Thielen, this ranking also feels a bit criminal. I believe that KJ is a more sure-handed pass catcher than his rankings would say. I would have KJ ranked 80 overall to start the season.

Jordan Addison, 76 overall: Making his first appearance on the video game, Addison is ranked a bit lower than expected, but has plenty of opportunity to show why he will be in the mid-80s AT LEAST by next year.

TJ Hockenson, 90 overall: Pretty spot on ranking for Hock, who is at minimum, a top 4 tight end in this league behind Kelce, Kittle, and Andrews.

Christian Darrisaw, 85 overall: This one feels a little criminal. CD is coming off of his best year of football yet and is only improving. I believe CD is a top 8 tackle in the NFL and should be around that 90-92 overall range.

Ezra Cleveland, 74 overall: This is to be expected. Coming off of a solid year by our standards here in Minnesota for an offensive lineman, Ezra continues to improve as a zone, and run blocker. 74 is probably the right ranking for Ezra to start the year.

Garrett Bradbury, 76 overall: Typical Vikings offensive line slander. Bradbury has his rankings diminished because his lack of ability to handle bull rushers. What Madden doesn’t take into his account is his ability to be one of the best athletic, zone blocking centers in the league. I’d give Bradbury a 79 at least.

Ed Ingram, 70 overall: Like Ezra Cleveland, this ranking is to be expected. Ed is coming off of a tough rookie season where he struggled against some of the top-tier bull rushers in the league. I believe Ingram has the talent and size to hold his own, he just needs to dial in his technique some more. Solid 70 rating for Ed Ingram.

Brian O’Neil, 86 overall: Again, the national media and its counterparts have always downplayed the importance of Brian O’Neil on this team and his exceptional play as well. I would have O’Neil floating around that 90 overall range but that’s just me.

As the countdown to the release of Madden ‘24 continues, Minnesota Vikings fans eagerly anticipate the player ratings that will determine the team's virtual success. With key players like Justin Jefferson, TJ Hockenson, Brian O’Neill, and Christian Darrisaw, the Vikings' offensive players boast the talent that should make them a formidable force in the digital football realm. These ratings not only reflect the players’ abilities but also fuel the excitement for another thrilling season of Madden.