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Danielle Hunter Reports To Vikings Training Camp But His Future Remains Uncertain

Contract talks with the star defensive end are ongoing

New York Giants v Minnesota Vikings Photo by Stephen Maturen/Getty Images

Minnesota Vikings defensive end Danielle Hunter has reported to training camp, per the team. However, the Vikings brass don’t anticipate Hunter practicing right away, since the team hasn’t seen him since the end of last season.

“Danielle has reported, he’s going through that process right now. It’s gonna be a day-to-day thing. Danielle and I have had such good dialogue over these last few days. We’re really trying to build a plan for him that allows him to feel good about coming to work as a Minnesota Viking every single day. We’ll continue to work through the contractual side, I tend to let that be dealt with by Kwesi and Rob.” O’Connell said.

Meanwhile, Kwesi was a bit more cryptic regarding Danielle’s contract situation. A reporter asked Kwesi: “Since [Hunter] reported, do you feel confident that he’s gonna be a part of the team this year?” Kwesi’s response was simply: “I’m excited to see him.”

The fact that Adofo-Mensah refused to show any sort of confidence regarding Hunter’s future with the Vikings raised some eyebrows. We’ll see how this shakes out, but for now, Hunter is holding in.