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Minnesota Vikings News and Links, 27 July 2023

You will never find time for anything. You must make it.

NFL: NFC Wild Card Round-New York Giants at Minnesota Vikings Matt Krohn-USA TODAY Sports

Exciting stuff already but premature to start making declarations. Some big contracts have been awarded.

Aaron Rodgers signed a 3 year $112.5 million restructure

Cole Kmet signed a 4 year $50 million contract extension

Andrew Thomas signed a 5 year $117.5 million contract extension

Tytus Howard signed a 3 year $56 million contract extension

Justin Herbert signed a 5 year $262.5 million contract extension

Looks like the Rodgers deal might be something that Cousins would agree to.

The Andrew Thomas deal is kind of scary when you think about Darrisaw no?

The Cole Kmet deal is less than what Hockenson should agree to. About 2M less per year at least IMHO.

Since yore last open thread ...

Previewing the Vikings’ joint practices


Vikings Training Camp Roundup, Day 1


Vikings 2023 Training Camp Megathread


Other Vikings stuff ...

Vikings Training Camp Recap, Day 1: Depth Chart Notes and Early Standouts

Highlights from Day 1
Nailor was the biggest winner of OTAs/minicamp, in my eyes, and he continued to stand out on the first day of camp. He had at least three catches during 7s (there was no 11-on-11 action today) and continues to get open.
Cousins was sharp. He had several great throws over the middle of the field to Osborn, Addison, and Hockenson. The Addison connection was a great leaning catch from the rookie, and Hockenson made a nice play to come down with a contested ball that was initially bobbled.
The two other quarterbacks also had their moments. Mullens hit Trishton Jackson on a deep ball, which he came down with despite tight coverage from Booth. Rookie Jaren Hall threw a dime down the left sideline to former XFL star Lucky Jackson, but Hall later sailed a pass over the head of Thayer Thomas. Those two QBs will get plenty of reps in the preseason.
Bynum, who is still projected to retain his starting job at safety, had a diving pass breakup to force a rare Cousins incompletion.


3 Observations: Systems Upgrade; Mattison & Osborn Embrace Opportunities


Kirk Cousins Has Hired His Trainer Full-Time in Hopes of Extending His Career

“I just said, you know what, we’ve never done that, and I felt like I’m going to go all in,” Cousins said. “Tom [Brady] had Alex Guerrero and I just felt that there was a lot of merit in saying, I have a small window here to maximize and if I play one year more than I otherwise would have because I took it this seriously, then that’s well worth it. So, every free moment, I’ll be running home to get work and I think that’s — time will tell — but I’m excited about, not only the benefit of the health, but peace of mind it gives me, because I know that I can just show up, turn my brain off, and he’s going to handle it.”
“I just feel that this is something serious enough, my health, staying on the field, being around a long time, it’s not worth cutting corners,” Cousins said. “Let’s go all in, let’s overcommit if we have to. If I’m guilty of that, I can live with that.”
“I think I’ve been given a gift and I’ve lived this my whole life,” Cousins said. “I used to sit there in middle school and look up at the stars in the summer, see a shooting star and everyone would make a wish. My wish was to be a pro quarterback, so I’m going to do all I can to maximize that and shame on me if there was more out there to get and I didn’t do all I could.
“Even if it ends after this year, I have to feel like I walk away with peace of mind that I did everything I possibly could, left nothing out there. Certainly, I want to play long enough for my boys to be a part of it (and) remember it.”

I would not bet against him

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