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Vikings Announce Ticket Sales Today

Are you going to any of the home games?

Green Bay Packers v Minnesota Vikings Photo by Stephen Maturen/Getty Images

In a thrilling announcement that has fans across Minnesota rejoicing, the Minnesota Vikings have officially declared the opening of ticket sales for their upcoming season. As one of the most revered and formidable teams in the NFL, the Vikings have consistently captivated fans with their exciting game play and rich history. With the new season on the horizon, the team’s loyal supporters are eager to secure their spots in US Bank stadium to witness the adrenaline pumping action up close.

With tickets available for purchase starting today, we want to ask you which home games you guys will be attending!

Week 1: vs Tampa Bay Buccaneers (12:00pm CST)

Week 3: vs Los Angeles Chargers (12:00pm CST)

Week 5: vs Kansas City Chiefs (3:25pm CST)

Week 7: vs San Francisco 49ers (Primetime Game)

Week 10: vs New Orleans Saints (12:00pm CST)

Week 12: vs Chicago Bears (Primetime Game)

Week 15: vs Detroit Lions (12:00pm CST)

Week 16: vs Green Bay (Primetime Game)

The opening for ticket sales for the upcoming Vikings’ season marks a moment of excitement and celebration of football enthusiasts nation wide. As fans eagerly secure their seats, the anticipation for the team’s performance reaches a fever pitch. The Vikings organization’s dedicated to its supporters, as showcased through the variety of ticket options and exclusive perks, reaffirms the team’s status as a cherished and beloved institution in the world of football. With the season on the horizon, one thing is certain; the atmosphere at US Bank Stadium will be electric, and the Vikings’ loyal fans will be there in full force to cheer their team to victory!

Tell us which game(s) you all plan on going to this year!