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Minnesota Vikings News and Links, 29,30 July 2023

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NFL: DEC 04 Jets at Vikings Photo by Bailey Hillesheim/Icon Sportswire via Getty Images

It’s good to be back to talking about practice at least no?

I still like Jalen Nailor as the breakout candidate this training camp, preseason, and season.

Who do you like?

Since yore last open thread ...

Vikings Training Camp Roundup, Day 2


The Curse of 1998: Part 5


Vikings 2023 Training Camp Megathread


Other Vikings stuff ...

Vikings Training Camp Recap, Day 3: Justin Jefferson Dazzles in Red Zone


Vikings’ defensive coordinator Brian Flores is learning to mesh with his new team


Kirk Cousins had final say over all Quarterback content

Cousins said he was persuaded to do it once he was told he had the ability on the back end to approve the content.
“And I said, ‘OK,’” Cousins said. “Because I’ve been burned a lot in the past when people have access and then you don’t get to see what they do with it and then take it a direction you didn’t think was happening. So the chance to take the content and approve it was a big deal.”
Cousins was also encouraged by NFL Films “was the middleman, if you will, filming it and editing it.”
He said the biggest thing was the ability to do it in a way that was “non-intrusive, so that people in our organization didn’t feel like it was obnoxious or in their way or affecting our team as we went through the season.”

Good for him!


Why the Vikings chose Alexander Mattison

“I wasn’t signing to come back and be a backup,” Mattison told Yahoo! “Going into it, we knew what it was and understood the situation and all the details that were all gonna unfold later and were part of the business of being in the NFL. But yeah, signing that contract, I knew.”
What he is really good at doing is earning extra…taking the play and getting more than what it’s worth,” the Vikings’ GM said. “Being able to fall forward physically, making people miss the second level things like that. Really good in the passing game as you saw a little bit last season as well. So, he’s a complete back in both phases, can handle pass protection, all those things. Those were things I was excited about, frankly, when I first got here and obviously confirmed it when I saw it last season.”
“He always knows what to do, he’s very intelligent as far as our scheme, our system and he’s a talented back when he’s running,” Phillips said. “He’s always going forward, he’s got more wiggle than I think people give him credit for. There were a lot of times where the free guy in the hole, the eighth guy, he made him miss.”
“It was a no-brainer for us to bring him back,” Phillips added.
“Consistently producing yards and keeping us ahead of the chains where you have more of your call sheet available as games progress is really important,” Phillips said.
“He is multi-faced in the run game, pass protection, hands in the passing game and route-running ability…I think we’re going to see a lot of good things and maybe people didn’t realize what a good player Alex Mattison really is,” Phillips said.

NFL News

Remaining 2023 NFL Free Agents by Position: Ezekiel Elliott, Dalvin Cook, and Jadeveon Clowney Headline Top Options

Teddy Bridgewater QB
Maxx Williams TE
Dalton Risner OG
Michael Brockers DT
Yannick Ngakoue EDGE
Myles Jack LB
William Jackson III CB

Yore Mock

1.21 - Maason Smith DL3T LSU 6’6’ 315

2.53 - Jack Sawyer EDGE Ohio State 6’4 265

4.18 - Danny Stutsman ILB Oklahoma 6’4’ 240

5.144 - Beaux Limmer OG Arkansas 6’5’ 306

5.149 - Adonai Mitchell WR Texas 6’4’ 196

5.160 - Spencer Rattler QB South Carolina 6’1’ 217

6 .185 - T.J. Tampa CB Iowa State 6’2’ 200

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