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Watch the best Vikings analysis video you’ll see before Training Camp

This is about as thorough as it gets

Kirk Cousins, Minnesota Vikings Photo by Jerry Holt/Star Tribune via Getty Images

If you’re looking for what might be the best and most thorough analysis of the Minnesota Vikings out there as we get closer to the start of Training Camp, look no further.

Bootleg Football, run by Brett Kollmann and E.J. Snyder, put together a one-hour look at what the Vikings did last season and what that might portend for the 2023 campaign. You can see the whole video right here.

We’ve featured Kollmann’s work here a lot over the years, and most recently you might remember his “The Vikings’ defense is freaking terrible and here’s why” video from late last year. Snyder has done a lot of draft work with our friends at Windy City Gridiron and also provides some really good information about the Vikings.

When this video was put together, Dalvin Cook was still with the Vikings, but Kollmann and Snyder are treating things as if he’s not going to be there, which wound up being right. Again, I’ve been looking for Vikings’ stuff all offseason and nobody has done as thorough a look at the team as these two gentlemen have.

As I mentioned earlier in the piece, this video is about an hour long, so if you’ve got some time or you want to have something on in the background when you’re “working” today. . .because, come on, it’s essentially a holiday weekend. . .check this video out.