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How would you sell someone on becoming a Vikings fan?

Or would you try to save them the pain?

Minnesota Vickings Photo by Focus on Sport/Getty Images

If you haven’t already blown your fingers off and/or consumed too many adult beverages, we have another thought exercise for everyone to have a go at on this Fourth of July.

Many of us have been fans of the Minnesota Vikings for as long as we can remember, and there isn’t a whole lot that could happen to make us switch our affiliations. After all, no team has been put through the wringer quite the way that we have over the years, and I say that as someone that missed all four Super Bowl losses. . .I know there are fans older than I am that have experienced even more pain because of this team.

But say you had a friend or an acquaintance or co-worker or something that either wasn’t a fan of the NFL or was wanting to switch their allegiances to a new team. Given everything about this team’s history, how would you sell them on signing up for the Minnesota Vikings fan experience?

Or do you like most other people too much to encourage them to put themselves through this sort of thing?

I’m genuinely curious how folks would try to sell this particular fandom to someone that has never experienced it before. If this is a thing that has actually happened to you in the past and you’ve managed to pull it off, how did you do it?

Very much looking forward to hearing people’s thoughts on this one. Feel free to leave anything you’ve got in the comments section!