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I’m ready to hurt again

Today is the day

Today, August 1st, is the debut of (SBNation’s) Secret Base presentation of ‘The History of the Minnesota Vikings’.

I wish I could tell you what time it will premiere, but they want you to subscribe to be notified when the around an hour long video will go live.

In case you’ve been living under a rock, Secret Base’s ‘History of...’ videos are extremely detailed, immaculately researched studies of bleagured franchises such as the Seattle Mariners and Atlanta Falcons, but I’m going to play homer and say that the vikings might be the team that will give them the most material to work with.

The narration by Jon Bois and Alex Rubenstien is a hallmark of these videos and will guarantee a few jaws being dropped, a few laughs in bewilderment, and probably a few feelings similar to being kicked in your nether region.

All in all though, this will be a great chance to learn more (I expect every viewer will learn something) about the team we all know and unconditionally love, and for that reason I can’t wait to watch.

Check out this interview with WCCO and Bois for a preview of the series:

Future episodes are coming as follows. With the exception of Part 7, all of these will drop on Tuesdays:

Part 2 - August 8th

Part 3 - August 15th

Part 4 - August 22nd

Part 5 - August 29th

Part 6 - September 5th

Part 7 - September 8th (Friday)