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Vikings Stock Market Report: Preseason Week One

Boring football, but football nonetheless

Minnesota Vikings v Seattle Seahawks Photo by Jane Gershovich/Getty Images

Hoo boy, was that not an absolutely riveting game? Okay, preseason football can have it’s positives, but when you find yourself fighting to stay awake by the time the fourth quarter rolls around, its hard not to question why you’re still watching the backup-to-the-backup offensive line give up back-to-back sacks in the middle of a very detailed interview with Harrison Phillips. But hey, who am I kidding? There was no way I wasn’t watching every minute of that game. I even found myself jumping off the couch, pointing at the screen, and shouting when Jaylin Williams picked off a tipped pass.

Anyhow, welcome back to Vikings football! With only four weeks until the season opener against the Buccaneers, a few preseason games is just what we needed to help get us through the final month of a long, dark offseason. Follow me into the light as I share with you my first Stock Market Report of the preseason.

Blue Chip Stocks

Jordan Addison - His two catches on the evening were both pretty impressive. The toe-drag-swag catch that definitely would have been challenged had this been a real game looked like something you would expect out of a first round receiver. His other catch showcased his ability to adjust to less than perfect ball placement. So long as Addison can stay out of trouble off the field, he seems poised to play an important role in this offense.

Ty Chandler - Last night proved that Chandler has a pretty solid hold on the second fiddle spot after Alexander Mattison. He ran well and had some impressive pass blocking snaps, too. I think we can expect him to get some work in the regular season.

Ryan Wright - Ryan had a downwright gorgeous punt right before halftime that was downed inside the five. This man has a great leg.

The Seahawks’ “technical difficulties” - I was just about to mute the TV when suddenly I heard the majestic voice of Paul Allen calling for me to stay. I’m not sure what kind of technical difficulties they were having, but it definitely enhanced my viewing experience to not have to listen to the Seahawks’ broadcast.

Solid Investments

Nick Mullens - Mullens seemed to be a little rusty early on, but once he got going, he looked solid. If Kirk goes down for a game or so, I think Mullens still gives the Vikings a legitimate chance to win.

Nick Muse - Yeah, that was a pretty sweet touchdown. He probably won’t make the roster, but he still added a nice highlight to make his case to another team to pick him up. Hopefully he lands on the Vikings’ practice squad.

Jalen Reagor - This man looked like he was playing for a roster spot. He hauled in four catches for 55 yards, and held on to the ball after taking a huge hit. I like the competition at receiver.

Luiji Vilain and the Defensive Line - For a group that has a lot of question marks behind Hunter, Davenport, and Phillips, I was very impressed with how much pressure the backup line was generating. Luiji Vilain in particular had a great game, with three QB hits and a strip sack.

Ivan Pace - He was all over the place, and was granted the responsibility of relaying the defensive play calls. I really like his game, and I’m looking forward to seeing him improve over the next two games.

Greg Joseph - Joseph banged in a 54-yarder that might have been good from 60. Hopefully the pressure from Podlesny helps Greg dial in.

Junk Bonds

I’m not really in the business of ripping guys who are just trying to make the roster, but there were two players that I really expected more out of that didn’t deliver.

DeWayne McBride - It was a pretty uninspiring performance. Part of it was porous run blocking, but even on his kick returns, he didn’t look too great. Hopefully he can get going in the next couple of games. McBride had a lot of hype for being a seventh round pick, and I would love to see him have some highlights next week.

Andrew Booth, Jr. - He got absolutely toasted on a touchdown. We all want him to pan out, but where does he fit on this roster? I’ll be rooting for a better game out of him next week.

Penny Stocks

Jaren Hall - Hall didn’t look too good, but he was also running for his life or getting sacked on every play. I’d like to see him get the start in one of the preseason games so he can play with a slightly better line.

Defensive Secondary - This was a rather up and down game for the secondary. There were some good hits, a nice Joejuan Williams pass breakup, a pick on a tipped ball, and overall aggressive play. There were also some suspicious openings and Meckhi Blackmon committed a pass interference on at touchdown (although, that’s really not that bad. I’d rather he be aggressive than not). Either way, it was an up and down showing, but we’ll take it at this point.

Well, there you have it, a preseason Stock Market Report. Who did I miss? Would you change anyone’s stock?