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Predicting The Outcome Series: Super Bowl

A hypothetical winner is crowned

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A while back, I started a 12-part series predicting the outcome of each division, and subsequently the playoffs. I made it all the way to the NFC Championship Game before I shelved the idea when training camp began. Now that the Vikings have enjoyed a couple of days off from practice and the news cycle has slowed, I can finally finish this series once and for all. Here's a quick recap of my title game predictions:

The Conference Championships

(Bold text indicates winner)


#1 Ravens vs #5 Bengals


#1 Niners vs #2 Eagles

Representing the AFC are Joe Burrow and the Cincinnati Bengals. While the NFC is represented by Kyle Shanahan and a dominant San Francisco 49ers squad. Now who would you rather bet on winning a Super Bowl: Joe Burrow or Kyle Shanahan? For me, the answer is clear.

The Super Bowl

(Bold text indicates winner)

#1 Niners vs #5 Bengals

I have Joe Burrow beating Brock Purdy and the San Francisco 49ers in a close affair. I think the game starts out with San Francisco scoring on their first two possessions before the offense slows down with a 14-0 lead. San Fran’s defense is elite but isn’t able to prevent the Bengals from scoring on every possession. Eventually, Joe Burrow leads the Bengals on a game-winning drive, with the final score being 21-14. If Kyle Shanahan didn’t have PTSD after 28-3, then this would do the trick.

And with that, the Predicting The Outcome series has concluded.