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Minnesota Vikings News and Links, 17 August 2023

“The road to Easy Street goes through the sewer.”— John Madden

Minnesota Vikings v Seattle Seahawks Photo by Christopher Mast/Getty Images

The Jordan Addison news is troubling and unfortunate. I really liked him while he played for the Trojans. I was concerned about how often he seemed to get dinged up. He eventually missed a few games last year too. He is going to have to try and tailor his game after T.Y. Hilton and Marvin Harrison. He is going to have to learn how to avoid hits and get down once he makes a catch and gets the first down.

Since yore last open thread ...

Other Vikings stuff ...

Pace tied for the team lead in tackles during preseason Week 1 and could not only make the team but be a key player for Minnesota’s defense.

“Really in every facet of the game, how we’re playing defense, the communication, pressure, no pressure,” O’Connell said this week “Has the athleticism to run sideline to sideline, maybe cancel out some mistakes, if we lose a gap here and there he’s shown to be able to get off blocks for a guy that when I watched his tape in college he was almost unblockable and that’s translating in a lot of ways.

“It could be a great look for a play, getting a lineman up to him on the second level and he somehow avoids that block and makes the play while doing his job. So he doesn’t, you know, undress any other facet of a defensive call. He did great with the green dot the other day in Seattle. So really, gold stars all the way around right now for Ivan, and as I’ve challenged him to do, you’re not just trying to compete to make our team. Let’s see where you can go and possibly help us win football games from the jump.”

“I said all week it was a fluke,” Alexander told Prisco in reference to Jefferson’s monster game in Week 1, “so when he came into Lambeau he thought he was going to come in there griddy’ing, but I was the one griddy’ing. That’s all it was. It was just fun.”

“It’s just him talking. Nobody’s really worried about him,” Jefferson responded. “They had their intentions to really take me out of the game. Everything about that day was to take me out the game, to not let me touch the ball, to do things to really take me out my game. At that point in the season we already had solidified in the playoffs, we had already won the division. I didn’t even play the whole game. But you can’t call a 180-yarder a fluke, that’s something that’s not a fluke. You just can’t walk up on 180 yards in the NFL, especially being one of the top players. They played totally different the second time. They did not even play man the second time at all. So that statement of him playing man and beating me up all game is very not true and if you see the film you can see it.”

“I guess we gonna see what all the talk is about and hopefully they don’t have me doubled teamed with a safety over the top,” said Jefferson.

Minnesota Vikings: Andrew Booth Jr.

To say the least, Andrew Booth Jr.’s NFL career hasn’t gotten off to a hot start. He barely played last year before suffering a season-ending knee injury, participating in six contests with one start as a rookie. And it doesn’t seem like that will change much in year two.

The Minnesota Vikings signed Byron Murphy Jr. during free agency and drafted another cornerback in Mekhi Becton with a third-round selection. That, combined with fellow 2022 pick Akayleb Evans reportedly taking reps with the first-team defense during training camp, has pushed Booth down the depth chart, according to Alec Lewis of The Athletic.

However, the Clemson product has plenty of potential as he’s only a year removed from being a second-round pick. Someone should be willing to take a chance on him and it doesn’t sound like the Vikings are going to use him, so why not make a deal?

NFL News

VIKINGS: There was some surprise that the Vikings used their first-round pick on an offensive player this past April, considering how poorly the defense performed in 2022. But this doesn’t appear to be just any offensive player. Jordan Addison might not have got off to the best start in the NFL, suffering a springtime injury and later being pulled over for excessive speeding, but the first-round pick has been terrific since then, shining in his preseason debut at Seattle with two great catches, one that was (incorrectly) called out of bounds. Nonetheless, he’s done enough to project as a possible — if not likely — rookie starter, which is a big role in this offense, helping to draw coverage from Justin Jefferson. The secret might be out about Addison if he stands out against the Titans.

Lame considering Addison is not even going to play. Get it together.

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