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Kirk Cousins catches touchdown pass, hits the Griddy

Because why wouldn’t he?

NFL: Minnesota Vikings Training Camp Brad Rempel-USA TODAY Sports

While the Minnesota Vikings are obviously working hard in their preparations for the 2023 NFL season, they’re also taking some time to have a little fun as well.

Courtesy of our friend Matt Anderson, here’s an example of that from today’s practice.

You can see Cousins lined up in the backfield next to Nick Mullens on this one. After the snap, he. . .well. . .moseys out into the pattern, catches a pass just short of the goal line, and turns it up into the end zone for a score.

He then proceeds to hit the Griddy, which it appears that he’s been working on a bit over the offseason.

Now, I wouldn’t expect to see this during the regular season or anything. . .after all, Cousins doesn’t exactly show the route-running prowess of a Justin Jefferson or a Jordan Addison on this one. But it is kind of funny to see QB1 having some fun in camp here.