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Jordan Addison to plead guilty to charges from speeding incident

He won’t be driving anywhere for a while

Minnesota Vikings v Seattle Seahawks Photo by Christopher Mast/Getty Images

Just before the start of Training Camp last month, Minnesota Vikings rookie wide receiver Jordan Addison was cited for driving his Lamborghini Urus in excess of 140 miles an hour on I-94. Today, we’re learning what his punishment is likely going to be for that incident.

Paul Walsh of the Minneapolis Star-Tribune is reporting that Addison will plead to a petty misdemeanor speeding charge, while a charge of reckless driving will be dismissed. The overall penalty for Addison will be a fine of $686 and forfeiture of his license for six months. The charge that Addison is pleading guilty to necessitates the license suspension.

After being pulled over, Addison said that he had been speeding because his dog was having some sort of emergency. I’m not sure whether or not that was ever actually verified.

Assistant City Attorney Steven Heng said that the charges that Addison agreed to plead to are “in line with what our office has done with other defendants” that have committed similar offenses.

Addison will be in court on 19 September to see whether or not a judge agrees to enforce the plea deal that has been agreed to.

With that, hopefully this whole incident will be behind Addison and the team and the young man will have learned something from it so we don’t see a repeat of anything like this down the track.