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Minnesota Vikings News and Links, 26,27 August 2023

If the music’s too loud you’re too old.

Goodyear Cotton Bowl Classic - Tulane v USC Photo by Tom Pennington/Getty Images

Today is the last day for players to make an impression and make the final 53 or get invited to a practice squad. Good luck to all of them!

I do not do 53 man roster predictions. I think it is a waste of time. I waste my time on something even more absurd. MOCK DRAFTS!

A couple of trades that interested me happened this week.

Isaiah Simmons was traded to the Giants for a 7th round pick. I know he has been playing safety and linebacker for the Cardinals who could not seem to find a spot for him after drafting him in the first round (what a surprise from that organization). I thought he could be useful for Flores though. I looked up his contract and he us only making 1.01M this year which is all the Giants have to account for on their cap. A 7th round pick and 1.01M for a player like Simmons? I would have loved to believe Kwesi could have done that deal. I am hopelessly foolish.

The other deal was the one many were hoping would happen. Trey Lance was traded for a 4th round pick but NOT to the Vikings. I am not going to belittle the young man because he has not had very many snaps since high school. He still is talented. I am left to wonder where did the original Lance to the Vikings rumors originate? Did some dweeb (like myself) conjure up an imaginary Cousins for Lance trade idea that blossomed into the monster unsubstantiated rumor it became?

Not only that, but the 49ers spoke directly with the Vikings at the scouting combine about a potential trade involving the QB, per ProFootballTalk.

Florio with the rumor eh? What is not to believe?

It is over now. In Kork we trust.

Better hope Mullens does not have to play or Hall (or Lance for that matter).

Since yore last open thread ...

Other Vikings stuff ...

Fantastic read!

The best part of today though is that college football begins!

  • Navy vs 13 Notre Dame 2:30pm
Notre Dame
Sam Hartman QB 6’1” 210 RJR
Chris Tyree WRS 5’9” 190 JR
Joe Alt OT 6’7” 317 JR
Blake Fisher OT 6’6” 327 RSO
Nana Osafo-Mensah DL 6’ 3” 260 SR
Javontae Jean-Baptiste DL 6’ 4” 255 SR
Rylie Mills DL 6’ 5” 296 SR
Jack Kiser OLB 6’2” 223 RSR
J.D. Bertrand OLB 6’1” 230 SR
Marist Liufau LB 6’ 2” 235 SR
Cam Hart CB 6’3” 198 RSR
Clarence Lewis CB 5’11” 192 JR
Thomas Harper S 5’ 11” 195 SR
Antonio Carter II S 6’ 1” 200 SR

  • UTEP at Jacksonville State 5:30pm
  • UMass at New Mexico State 7:00pm
  • Ohio at San Diego State 7:00pm
  • Hawaii at Vanderbilt 7:30pm
  • FIU at Louisiana Tech 9:00pm

  • San Jose State at 6 USC 8:00pm
Caleb Williams USC QB 6’1” 220 JR
Calen Bullock USC S 6’2” 190 JR
Dorian Singer USC WR 6’0” 180 JR
Korey Foreman USC EDGE 6’4” 235 JR
Mario Williams USC WRS 5’9” 180 JR
Eric Gentry USC OLB 6’5” 205 JR
Jonah Monheim USC OT 6’5” 295 RJR
Justin Dedich USC OG 6’2” 305 RSR
Brenden Rice WR 6’ 3” 210 SR
Tahj Washington WR 5’ 10” 175 SR
Jarrett Kingston OL 6’ 4” 305 SR
Michael Tarquin OL 6’ 5” 300 SR
Emmanuel Pregnon OL 6’ 5” 315 JR
Kyon Barrs DL 6’ 2” 290 SR
Jack Sullivan DL 6’ 5” 275 SR
Tyrone Taleni DL 6’ 2” 275 SR
Solomon Tuliaupupu DL 6’ 3” 270 SR
Solomon Byrd DE 6’ 3” 250 SR
Jamil Muhammad DE 6’ 1” 250 SR
Mason Cobb LB 6’ 0” 235 SR
Shane Lee LB 6’ 0” 240 SR
Christian Roland-Wallace CB 6’ 0” 200 SR
Bryson Shaw S 6’ 0” 190 SR

Today is gonna be great for me as I get to watch the Vikings scrubs and then future Vikings!

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