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It Was A Hall Of A Game - Vikings vs Cardinals PS3 Reactions

On the latest episode of Two Old Bloggers, Dave breaks down the Minnesota Vikings’ preseason finale against the Arizona Cardinals. They discuss standout performances from Jaren Hall and DeWayne McBride, the battle for receiver depth spots, and the tough roster decisions facing the Vikings. SKOL!

Join Dave on Two Old Bloggers as he discusses the latest in Minnesota Vikings football. In this recent episode, they break down the team’s preseason finale against the Arizona Cardinals, where the Vikings fell short with an 18-17 loss. The game may have been a loss, but it provided opportunities for the Vikings’ bench and practice squad players to showcase their abilities, and for the coaching staff to make tough decisions about the final roster.

One standout player was Jaren Hall, the Vikings’ fifth-round draft pick, who made his first start as quarterback and had an impressive performance, leading the team on a strong 10-play, 75-yard touchdown drive in the first quarter. Despite some struggles with pocket movement and being sacked three times in the first half, Hall showcased quick decision-making and made some good throws, including a 21-yard completion to receiver Blake Proehl. Hall’s potential to make a considerable impact in the future was discussed in detail on the show.

The game also revealed the results of the battle for depth spots at receiver, with Jalen Reagor starting and Trishton Jackson catching a 19-yard pass from Hall. Brandon Powell, who had a strong camp, did not play and may be traded to create cap space. The host also discussed the offensive line and the 53-man roster, as well as other standout players from the game such as DeWayne McBride, the Vikings’ running back, and fourth-round safety Jay Ward.

Join Dave on this and more episodes of Two Old Bloggers for insightful and engaging discussions on all things Vikings football.

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