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Vikings Report talks about the 53-man roster LIVE tonight!

Come join us for the show!

The 53-man roster is officially set for the Minnesota Vikings, and we’re going to talk about it with all of you LIVE on a special episode of Vikings Report with Drew and Ted!

As always, there are two ways that you can join the show. You can head on over to the Vikings Report with Drew and Ted YouTube channel and log in to interact with the show and the other viewers (and, potentially, win yourself a prize), or you can watch on the embedded video below.

We’ll discuss the entire roster, including who surprised us by making the squad and who any surprise cuts might have been. There are going to be plenty of moves coming over the next couple of days, and we’ll see if we can’t look into the crystal ball and figure out some of those as well.

As always, we hope you’ll join us for tonight’s show and that you’ve got feedback for us, whether it’s good, bad, neutral, or whatever.

Enjoy the show, everybody!