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Countdown to Kickoff! Vikings Football In A Week!

We’ve almost made it!

NFL: JUL 31 Minnesota Vikings Training Camp

We’re just one week away today until the highly anticipated first preseason game against the Seattle Seahawks and the Minnesota Vikings are entering the final stretch of their preparation. As training camp is reaching its peak, players and coaches are working tirelessly to fine-tune their strategies, assess player performance, and solidify their game plan.

The Vikings’ training camp is abuzz with energy as players push their limits and coaches meticulously analyze every aspect of their performance. And by the sounds of it, un-drafted free agent Ivan Pace is having himself a great couple of weeks. It also seems that Kirk Cousins and Addison have already developed quite the connection. Ivan Pace will definitely be seeing the field this preseason but I cannot say the same for Cousins or Addison. There are some players to keep your eyes on in camp to determine either a starting spot or just to simply make it through the roster cuts.

  • Lewis Cine - Can he bounce back from a gruesome injury and be the same guy we drafted just one year ago?
  • Ivan Pace - So far a stellar camp from the sounds of it. Can he continue his momentum and earn a spot on the 53-man final roster?
  • Jordan Addison - First-round pick. Can he translate what he did in college and bring it to the next level?
  • Running Backs - Who’s the head dog in the backfield? Will Mattison step up in Dalvin’s absence, or will the two young backs in Ty Chandler and rookie Dewayne McBride have a chance at the majority of the carries?

One of the most critical aspects of preseason preparation is evaluating the roster. Coaches and scouts are keeping a keen eye on every player’s performance, assessing skills, adaptability, and potential contribution to the team. As the preseason progresses, tough decisions will have to be made regarding player cuts and finalizing the roster for the regular season. The stakes are high this year coming off one of our better seasons at 13-4, and players and coaches alike are leaving no stone unturned in their journey to try and repeat their success from last year.

Preseason games offer an opportunity for teams to experiment with different offensive and defensive strategies. The Vikings coaching staff is working hard to optimize the playbook, testing out new formations and analyzing opponents’ game tape to exploit any weaknesses. The preseason allows them to gauge the effectiveness of these strategies in a live-game scenario, enabling necessary adjustments before the regular season kicks off.

As the Vikings start to ramp up, so do we as fans as we get the opportunity to watch football every week from here until February. Vikings fans across the world rejoice as summer starts to set and fall arises with the arrival of Vikings football.

Which players are looking to see step up in camp and into the preseason?