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Vikings sign 12 players to practice squad

And are reportedly looking at three more

Arizona Cardinals v Minnesota Vikings Photo by David Berding/Getty Images

Today is the day that NFL teams start putting together their practice squads, and the Minnesota Vikings have added 12 players to their 16-man squad, all of whom went through Training Camp with the team.

The 12 players that the Vikings have put on the practice squad are:

  • C Alan Ali
  • CB C.J. Coldon Jr.
  • DL Sheldon Day
  • WR Lucky Jackson
  • WR Trishton Jackson
  • RB DeWayne McBride
  • DL T.J. Smith
  • WR Thayer Thomas
  • OLB Luiji Vilain
  • OLB Benton Whitley
  • CB Jaylin Williams
  • CB JoeJuan Williams

The team is also rumored to be looking at three veteran offensive linemen for their practice squad, too, but though the names have been mentioned on social media none of the signings have been finalized as things stand right now. Those veteran offensive linemen are Hakeem Adeniji, Henry Byrd, and Tyrese Robinson.

Adeniji is probably the most recognizable of those three names, as he was a starter for the Cincinnati Bengals during their Super Bowl run a couple of seasons ago after being their sixth-round pick in the 2020 NFL Draft.

So far, the Vikings have (officially) filled out three-fourths of their practice squad and it sounds like they’ll have a few more figured out before too much longer. Are you happy with the practice squad, folks?