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A refreshing Vikings season preview video

The season preview for the enlightened fan

NFL: JUL 31 Minnesota Vikings Training Camp
Justin Jefferson prepares to catch a pass in training camp

It can be said that nearly all NFL YouTube channels are, for lack of a better term, trash. Many are sensationalistic, and do everything they can for the comments, likes, subscriptions, and almighty algorithm.

That is what makes the ‘Football Analysis’ channel so refreshing to me as, not just a Vikings fan, but a football fan as well. This isn’t just ‘Really Smart Football People’ spewing word vomit into a camera.

Over 14 minutes, mostly the same for every team, this channel demonstrates that season previews don’t have to be over-the-top clickbait. Instead, the channel is grounded in reality, full of impartial information that makes fans draw their own conclusions.

It’s all voiced over 22-man camera angles of last season’s plays, both successful and otherwise. It’s simple, but effective at illustrating the strengths of the team.

The channel always presents a great blend of stats and anecdotes, and I was looking forward to them getting around to the Vikings.

Well, they finally have.

The gist of the video is that the Vikings will be aiming to be a “more complimentary” team this year, and will be looking to hone the run/pass balance. Obviously the Vikings are clearly better at passing than running the ball, but the video makes a great point that our lack of a run game can and will limit the passing strengths.

The video, like everyone else in the NFL, is projecting another banger year for Justin Jefferson (115 receptions, 1,600 receiving yds, 12 receiving TDs).

It also projects Danielle Hunter to get back to having a 14-sack year, which would be awesome to see.

One roster addition that they pointed out was CB Byron Murphy, who will help anchor the new-look secondary that will be inevitably different from last year.

The video also projects the Team MVP to be Kirk Cousins, safety Lewis Cine to be the team’s breakout player, and NFC Championship Loss as a ceiling (insert DJ Khaled “ANOTHER ONE” ad lib here), and a 9-win season as the floor.

In my opinion this is mandatory viewing for Vikings fans, as it will both keep this season’s expectations in check and offer some positives about what to anticipate ahead of Week 1. It’s some sound analysis in a world that could use more of it.