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Vikings Report Rewind LIVE: Vikings at Eagles

Let’s talk about what we just watched

Thursday Night Football is officially in the books, ladies and gentlemen, and that means it’s time to talk about everything we just watched on Vikings Report Rewind LIVE!

Yours truly will join Drew and Ted from the aptly-named Vikings Report with Drew and Ted to talk about everything we just saw from tonight’s game between the Minnesota Vikings and the Philadelphia Eagles. No matter how it went. . .and I don’t know because I’m putting this post together well in advance of the game so we can get started right when the game ends. . .we’ll talk about it. Good, bad, ugly, neutral, indifferent, whatever the case might be.

You can join the show in one of two ways: you can either watch on the embedded video stream below, or you can go to the Vikings Report with Drew and Ted YouTube channel and log in there. The latter option will allow you to log in and interact with the show and other viewers and potentially get yourself a prize.

We hope that you enjoy tonight’s show, folks. No matter the result, we’re going to enjoy bringing it to you, and we always welcome your feedback.

Enjoy the show, everyone!