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Daily Norseman Staff NFL Picks, 2023: Week 2

We are back with more selections!

NFL: Pro Football Hall of Fame Gold Jacket Dinner Kirby Lee-USA TODAY Sports

Even though Week 2 is in the books for the Minnesota Vikings, we still have a lot of NFL action on the docket for the next couple of days, and so we’re back to bring you our most recent raft of NFL picks for Week 2 of this season.

Here’s a quick look at how everyone fared to start the year. Austin had some technical difficulties but things should be all good with him going forward. You can see how we did on the various types of picks by clicking them in the graphic.

Starting next week I’ll have one like this for both the individual week and the season to date. No need for that now, though. Doing it this way is a whole lot easier than typing everything in longhand like I’ve done for the past couple of seasons.

So, without any further ado, here are our picks for Week 2 in the NFL. As always, some of the odds numbers might vary depending on when everyone punched their picks into the system. For the latest lines and numbers, you can always check in with our friends at the DraftKings Sportsbook.

At the time I was putting this article together, we only had picks from seven of our nine selectors, but when they get their picks punched in they’ll appear in the grid above.

Unanimous Picks

6-1 Picks

5-2 Picks

4-3 Picks

Those are the picks for this week. . .not a whole lot of consensus this week so we should see some interesting things when next week’s standings come out.

Who are you rolling with this week, folks?