Minnesota Vikings Are In This Mess Because Of Their Inability To Run And To Stop The Run

Viking fan for 46 years now. Am I frustrated by our 0-2 start this season you bet I am. The inability to run the football and stop the run are very concerning to me at this point. Yes the passing game is very exciting to watch , but we need to have some form of a running game for balance and to allow our defense to get a rest on the sideline. Otherwise they will wear down after being on the field for so long. But to me the main reason the Minnesota Vikings are in this mess is because of the TOTAL IGNORE of the Offensive and Defensive Lines. The front office knew where the real problems were on this team and did absolutely nothing to fix it. KAM has been terrible as a gm so far as most of the 2022 draft class have been busts so far , Cine , Booth. And the owners seem to only be interested in making the playoffs and money. And not winning the Super Bowl. It is terrible that we as fans of this team have to put up for settling for mediocrity. We will probably finish 8-9 or 9-8 and pick around 16 to 18 and once again not be able to obtain a franchise qb. I have had it with this mindset to just run it back again and again it's getting us nowhere. Teams like Dallas and San Fransisco and Philadelphia get it. You win in the NFL in the trenches. All those teams have very strong and deep OL and DL. We don't and I don't know how many drafts its going to take to get this mess fixed as well as address all the other holes on this roster. You can have all the great skill players you want on offense but it's not going to matter much if Kirk Cousins is lying on his back. We are very weak at the most critical position. 2 years in and the hires of KAM and KOC are not really looking very good right now. My big fear is that Justin Jefferson is not going to want to be a part of a rebuild and we are just wasting the best years of his career. Well that's all sorry for the rant but after 46 years of being a loyal fan of this team I am getting real tired of this .

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