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Danielle Hunter deal looking pretty good so far

Contract hold-in seems a long time ago

Minnesota Vikings v Philadelphia Eagles
Danielle Hunter is again looking like someone the opposition doesn’t want to face.
Photo by Cooper Neill/Getty Images


Just kidding.

In all this seriousness Danielle Hunter has been having a heck of a start to his season, registering 4 sacks, 5 TFL, and 4 qb hits.

How does that stack up for Mr. Hunter?

Danielle Hunter “got that dawg in him” plays through first two games of each season compared with his yearly earnings:

  • 2015: 2 tackles (1 Game Played) - $1,062,223
  • 2016: 2 sacks, 3 QB hit, 1 TFL, 24 yd fumble recovery, 1 FF - $715,144
  • 2017: 2 qb hit - $636,00
  • 2018*: 2 sacks, 2 tackles for loss, 2 qb hit - $10,500,000
  • 2019*: 2 sacks, 4 qb hit, 5 tackles for loss - $11,500,000
  • 2020: DNP - herniated disk in neck
  • 2021: 4 sacks, 4 qb hit, 4 TFL (season ended on Pectoral tear after 7 games) - $13,044,110
  • 2022*: 1 sack, TFL, 1 qb hit - $20,000,000 (he absolutely deserved the pro bowl nod)

*pro bowl season - data pulled from sportstrac and Pro Football Reference. Odd thing: Hunter has no interceptions in his career. I would have counted that stat.

Which of these years stands out to you? I think it is 2021. His injury derailed a pretty promising start, despite a bit of a small personal slowdown over the next 5 games.

In 2023 Hunter is on a one year deal worth $17,000,000, and he’s off to a barely better than ever season start. He’s got one more tackle for loss this year than he did in ‘21.

The marquee business decisions last summer are Hunter and TJ Hockenson (who is also doing well this year, but more on him later).

While every fan wanted news on the Cousins and Jefferson contract situation, Hockenson and Hunter were what they have got. I don’t think that’s a bad deal with how well Cousins and Jefferson are playing despite not getting a large bag of money.

Hunter’s contract situation was a bit more desperate for the sake of the Vikings roster, resorting to a holding-in at training camp. I’m really happy they made a good deal. It looks like the bridge deal saved the Vikings from testing the dubious waters of free agency and it also provided Hunter with, at least through these two games, a nice way to showcase his skill.

It’s worth mentioning that I believe the deal also showed that Hunter really preferred to make a deal with the Vikings and vice versa.

And now he’s off to the races, in a possibly career-best start and about to get after an offensive line unit that has given up 6 sacks (for -53 yards). I’m rooting for you Danielle, let’s get some more redemption for all those injuries.