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Nincompoop of the Week: Week 2 (Eagles)

Minnesota Vikings v Philadelphia Eagles Photo by Cooper Neill/Getty Images

Sorry for the delay in publishing this week’s write-up. It’s been a whole week since the game! I was in a car accident and have been dealing with the mess that comes with that.

First off, this is supposed to be a fun write up where we make fun of the players, coaches, GMs, fans, and anyone else around the NFL that acts like a nincompoop. It’s where we have fun laughing at the mistakes or venting our frustrations about the on the field product. The lifetime nincompoop award goes to any “fans” that send threatening, racist, or otherwise just nasty messages to players and their families. You are one pathetic loser if you are sending Mattison or any other player a nasty message after a bad game.

2nd place for nincompoop of a lifetime are those idiots fighting in the stands. I don’t care if you land the sweetest knockout punch to that annoying Packers fan. It’s dumb and you should feel dumb. A fan died in NE this week after an unfortunate medical emergency after fighting in the stands with his kid next to him. I live in Atlanta and travel to away games quite often. It’s a shame to see this happen.

Now that all that is out of the way, I will give you the nincompoops of the week.

KJ Osborn – Why is KJ a nincompoop? This guy has forgotten how to catch. He’s like Blair Walsh after the missed playoff kick. Did the drop in the playoffs against the Giants break him? He was never a great receiver, but he was functional. It’s getting bad and Jalen Reagor/Troy Williamson level. The Vikings organization is still pushing the Three Deep 2.0 narrative on social media. They need to stop it immediately. Poor Jake Reed does not need to be compared to KJ.

Brandon Powell – Why is Brandon a nincompoop? Many of you might not even know who he was until Thursday. He has one job, return punts. Securing the ball is the top priority in a punt return. He was careless with the ball and took what would’ve been great field position and gave it to the Eagles. First fumble of the game.

Alexander Mattison – Why is Alexander a nincompoop? Mattison had very little opportunity and very little room to run when he did get the ball. However, it can be hard to blame the coaches when you fumble on your first carry of the game. The defense held up extremely well after two fumbles in the first quarter and only allowed 3 points. Mattison puts them in a tough spot, and he should be used to performing with limited touches. I don’t get it.

Kevin O’Connell – Why is KOC a nincompoop? His teams this year are getting beat in the 2nd half. That was a 10-3 game and the Vikings made it close in the end, but Philly scored 24 unanswered points in the middle of the game. KOC’s team had no answer and when they did, they fumbled it away. Ball security issues are happening too often. I’ll blame the lack of creativity on offense and lack of discipline on him.


Who was your Nincompoop of the Week?

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    Brandon Powell
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    Alexander Mattison
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    Kevin O’Connell
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