Gimmick Defense

Got a decent look at Flores defense after two weeks. Not winning any championships with it, that's for sure. Total gimmic with 6 man boxes, and overloading one side. Uncovered giard, no one in 2 or 3 hole. Nose tackle lined up as a nine tech, no one else hand down. Silly stuff. What is that supposed to accomplish?

You have always beat a 3-4 by running power at it. Strength is supposed to be pass rush, but looks like vikes are best served with more in foverage and less rushers. Hunter then hopefully has more time to get home. But they have really amped up the defenses. Maybe the idea was to put silly on tape so teams decide to run the ball more?

So far, i am not impressed. We shall see here with San Diego. Hopefully, Flores will have adjusted so San Diego can't just run 11 straight times.

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