Rational Conversation about Kirk

I know... It's almost impossible to have a rational conversation about Kirk around here, but I'm going to try.

First, I have to say I get really annoyed when, so called Vikings fans, get furious when someone suggests bringing in a new QB next year. Purple FTW podcast on X is the worst and I think it might be Kirk's mom behind that account.

Two things can be possible at the same time:

1) Kirk is playing well and is not responsible for the 0-3 start


2) We need to draft a first round QB next year and move forward without Kirk

The reasoning behind #2 is really easy. Kirk will be 36 next year and is a free agent. If this season continues like this, Kirk will command a $40-$50 million per year contract. It just simply isn't in the Vikings best interest to sign him to that contract considering his age and the dead cap already on the books. Remember that we still have to pay JJ (hopefully) and Darrisaw.

So, that's it. I'm not going to debate what any of us think of Kirk's strength and weaknesses. In my opinion, that doesn't matter. Age and contract size are the main factors and we can just stop there.

No need for anyone to freak out about this opinion, but go ahead in the comments below if you must.

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